Payment options

    We have safety and reliability of the ordering and payment process are highly valued. You can therefore assume that all payments will be safe and reliable. Processed by us

    You can choose from the following payment methods:
    • Bancontact / Mister Cash
    • iDEAL
    • PayPal
    • VISA through PayPal
    • MasterCard PayPal
    • Transfer to our account
    • Pay on pickup (in store)

    Bancontact / Mister Cash
    With Bancontact / Mister Cash You can safely, securely and easily your online purchases. You pay in your trusted payment. Over 80% of the Belgian Internet payments are made with Bancontact / Mister Cash.

    With iDEAL you can trust, safely and easily your online purchases. You pay in your trusted payment. Over 80% of the Dutch Internet payments are made with iDEAL.

    With PayPal, consumers can free and without obligation fully open an account. Then you can using a bank transfer or credit card to deposit money into your account. Then you can pay in our webshop with your account.

    Transfer to our account
    When you make a bank transfer the total amount to our account itself. You will receive after placing your order confirmation by e-mail with the order number and the total amount that must be met. Once we have received the total amount we will have to send your order the same day. Always use when paying the order number so that we can process the payment. Quickly

    Bank details: 
    IBAN: BE02 7380 4025 6840
    On behalf of: Airsoftshop bvba
    Notice: Your order number

    Pay on pickup (in store)
    Get your package off at the store and pay cash or by Bancontact, VISA, Mastercard, etc.