Terms and Conditions

    Article 1: General Provisions

    Airsoftshop offers its customers the opportunity to order. Airsoft accessories, accessories and related articles
    The following Terms and Conditions apply to all items in the range Airsoftshop and every purchase that the customer places in Airsoftshop.

    The customer accepts these Terms and Conditions shall apply to the exclusion of his own general or specific (purchase) conditions, even if they would stipulate that they apply only. Only apply

    Item 2: Price

    All prices are always inclusive of VAT and all taxes other required to wear by the customer. If transport, booking or administrative costs are charged, it is listed separately. The indication of price refers only to the items as described verbatim. The accompanying picture is decorative intended and may include elements or items that are not included in the price. Colors may vary slightly from the colors in the photos. All prices on this site are subject to misprints. For the consequences of misprints no liability is accepted.

    Article 3: Offers

    Each offer is only open to customers who are resident in the European Union. The articles are intended solely for normal residential use.

    Despite the fact that the catalog and website has been compiled with the utmost care, it is possible that the information provided is incomplete, contains material errors, or not up-to-date.

    The offer is valid while stocks last and may at any time be modified or revoked by Airsoftshop.

    Airsoftshop is entitled, without giving any reason, refuse orders, adjust the delivery terms to split the supplies or committing to supply other conditions.

    Article 4: Online Purchases

    The customer has the option to purchase the items. Airsoftshop range from online

    The acquisition is concluded at the moment the customer receives a confirmation email from Airsoftshop. The items will be delivered to the customer at home or on the chosen delivery address.

    The customer can choose between the following payment methods:


    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • PayPal
    • Bank transfer

    Article 5: Retention of title

    The delivered articles remain until the time of full payment by the customer, the exclusive property of Airsoftshop.
    The risk of loss or damage, however, goes to the customer from delivery. The client undertakes if necessary the retention of Airsoftshop for example, point to anyone who would come down. Articles not yet been paid batter third

    Article 6: Penalties for non-payment

    Without prejudice to the exercise of any other rights Airsoftshop available, the customer in the event of non-payment or late payment from the date of the breach of law and without notice, an interest of 10% per annum on the unpaid amount. Moreover, the customer shall automatically and without notice a lump sum compensation of 10% of the amount in question, with a minimum of 25 per invoice. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Airsoftshop the right not (fully) paid items to take back.

    Article 7: Complaints

    Any visible damage and / or qualitative deficiency of an article or other failure in the delivery must be reported, under penalty of forfeiture of any right immediately.

    Article 8: Guarantee

    a Warranty (for consumers)
    Under the Act of 21 September 2004 on the protection of consumers in consumer sales, the consumer has legal rights. Each article is subject to the statutory warranty from the date of purchase (or delivery to) the first owner. Any commercial warranty conditions are without prejudice.

    b. General
    In order to invoke the warranty, the customer must provide proof of purchase.

    For items purchased online and are delivered at the customer's home, the customer must contact the customer and the customer Airsoftshop the product at its expense shall submit to Airsoftshop back. Advance

    Any defect must be reported. Thereof within 10 days after adoption Afterwards, any right to repair or replacement.

    (Commercial and / or statutory) warranty is not applicable to defects that arise as a result of accident, neglect, falls, abnormal or improper use, use of the product contrary to purpose for which it was designed, non-compliance with the instructions or manual adjustments or modifications to the article, rough use, poor maintenance, abnormal or improper use.

    Neither does it apply to items with a shorter life, or wear items.
    Defects that manifest themselves after a period of 6 months from date of purchase or delivery, shall be deemed to be, no hidden defects subject to proof by the Customer.

    The warranty is not transferable.

    Article 9: cooling-

    The provisions of this Article shall apply only to customers in their capacity as consumers articles online purchases:
    The consumer has the right to Airsoftshop announce that he renounces the purchase without penalty and without giving any reason within 14 days from the day following the delivery of the product.

    Customers wishing to make use of the right of withdrawal must contact within 14 days from delivery to the customer and Airsoftshop the goods within 20 days from the delivery of the goods delivered back to Airsoftshop, Europalaan 1 A1, 8970 Poperinge at their expense .

    Goods with a selling price of 100 Euros or more must be returned to us. Courier (DHL, Fedex, etc)
    Only items that are in their original and undamaged packaging are, along with all accessories, manuals and invoice or proof of purchase can be returned.

    Will in no case be reversed:
    - Used, damaged, soiled, or incomplete items
    - Products whose packaging (or part of it) was opened
    - Articles tailored to the customer are made
    - Items that can not be returned because of their nature

    Article 10: Privacy

    Airsoftshop undertakes to use for the implementation of the concluded agreement you through your order terminating your information only and for you to send. Obligation information Airsoftshop Would you like to receive information via e-mail, please pass on your email address.

    We treat your information as confidential and will never pass on, sell or rent to third parties. You can send your information we store in the customer list of Airsoftshop anytime retrieval, improve, change or delete, and you can refuse Airsoftshop your information used to send you information. That it is sufficient to apply to the address below in writing or by e-mail: Airsoftshop, Europalaan 1 A1, 8970 Poperinge.

    Article 11: Adverse validity - non-waiver

    Indifferent if any provision of these Terms is invalid, illegal or void, this will not in any way the validity, legality and applicability of the other provisions affect.

    Failure at any time by Airsoftshop to one of the rights enumerated in this agreement to enforce, or any right to exercise this will never be seen as a waiver of such provision and will not affect the validity of these rights .

    Article 12: Amendments to the conditions

    This will be supplemented by other terms explicitly referenced, and the general conditions of Airsoftshop. In case of contradiction, the present Conditions.

    Airsoftshop may change these Terms and Conditions without notice. Any purchase after the change, keep an acceptance by the customer of the new Terms.

    Article 13: Evidence

    The customer accepts that electronic communications and backups can serve. As evidence

    Article 14: Applicable law - Jurisdiction

    The Belgian law is applicable, except for the provisions of international law concerning applicable law and the Rome I Regulation on the International Sale of Goods. In case of disputes, the courts have exclusive jurisdiction to Ypres.