Orga PTW Widebore Cylinder Unit M110

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Orga PTW Widebore Cylinder Unit M110.

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Orga PTW Widebore Cylinder Unit M110

ORGA WIDE BORE PTW cylinder has a wider inner diameter than conventional cylinders. We reviewed the design of all necessary parts to be composed, and we manufactured each part completely original. All parts are made in Japan.
By increasing the inner diameter of the cylinder and increasing the capacity inside the cylinder, the amount of air released is also subsequently greatly increased which affects the elasticity of the BB. When launching the BB with all things equal i.e. the same FPS and weight, the larger the cylinder capacity, the longer the “Continuous movement of BB” will be. This makes it possible to delay the timing at which BB bullets begins to lose its trajectory, which will result in improved accuracy.A great advantage can be gained in countries with limited FPS or game regulation due to improved hit accuracy and the elasticity gain.
When comparing a “A Sector Gear style high cycle AEG with a small amount of teeth” and a “Full Stroke AEG” it is apparent that the Sector Gear style is lacking the elasticity. This is because there is no rectilinear force of the BB due to the short stroke not fully discharging the air inside the cylinder. For that reason, the ORGA WIDE BORE PTW is a full-cylinder type with no acceleration ports.
We had to reduce the thickness of the cylinder body to raise the internal volume. For that reason, we are using stainless steel for the cylinder material, but there is a secret in that stainless steel material. We had to ask one of two companies that specialize in manufacturing pipes for nuclear power plants in Japan to create the cylinder used in the ORGA WIDE BORE PTW. By omitting the final heat treatment of SUS 304TPSC, we succeeded in thinning the cylinder wall thickness.
All parts making up ORGA WIDE BORE PTW are manufactured and managed by us.

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No shipping for Airsoft Guns?

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PTW Widebore Cylinder Unit M110

PTW Widebore Cylinder Unit M110

€ 249,90