Schofield 6" Silver

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    'The classic revolver of the American Wild West’
    The Schofield Revolver is undoubtedly a statement piece, with its classic styling harking back to the days of the Old West, its very presence putting fear into aggressors and ensuring the job always got done.
    Now with a striking silver reskin, this 1:1 replica of the iconic revolver from American legend looks better than it ever has done.
    A full-metal body and ivory-textured grip adds to its classic allure, making it ideal for players who like making a visual statement on the battlefield.
    The Schofield Revolver airsoft gun is powered by CO2 and is an impressive like-for-like replica of the celebrated real steel gun of the Wild West, an ideal choice for historical reenactors and dedicated gun collectors in equal measure.
    Dummy cartridges are its ammo of choice, each holding a single BB which are loaded-in through the satisfyingly accurate top-break mechanism. While the ejector swiftly releases the spent cases for faster reload when the enemy is trying to get the upper hand.
    The Schofield revolver functions just like the real thing, making it highly desirable for those seeking an authentic experience from their weapon when taking down the enemy.
    In fact, the realism of this replica also confirms it as a worthy consideration for gun and model collectors looking for the next statement piece for their display cabinet.
    • Full-metal body
    • Ivory-textured Grip
    • Top-break loading
    • BB cartridges
    Schofield BB cartridges – 6 pieces (19305)
    Schofield BB cartridges – 25 pieces (19306)
    Real Steel History:
    The Schofield was a modified Smith & Wesson Model 3, suggested by Major George Schofield, to make it easier for a cavalryman to reload while riding. A cavalryman could reload a Schofield in less than 30 seconds.
    Due to its reduced power and recoil compared to the Colt .45, it was easier to shoot accurately, yet still retained effective stopping power on the battlefield.
    It was quite a popular handgun and many of the great legends of the Old West, like General Custer, Jesse James and Wyatt Earp reportedly used a Schofield revolver.

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    Schofield 6" Silver
    € 199,90
    Schofield 6" Silver
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