Airsoftshop Custom G&P Marine ACE Ultra

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Airsoftshop Custom G&P Marine ACE Ultra.

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Airsoftshop Custom G&P Marine ACE Ultra

Airsoftshop Custom G&P Marine ACE Ultra.

CQB Monster, made for fast trigger shooting. Includes the double trigger system. 


  • Custom M16A1 Metal Body
  • Ranger Armory Keymod 7"
  • M16 Magazine (140rds)
  • M16A1 Grip with Heat Sink End Set (Black)
  • M4 Trigger Guard (CNC Process)
  • Madbull ACE Ultra Lite Stock 
  • Guarder SP120 Spring
  • Ultimate 8mm Bearing Gearbox
  • Power : 350 FPS 
  • no battery / charger

Set includes (Built In):

  • Jefftron Leviathan V2
    • Adds new shooting modes independent for every position on the fire selector (SAFE - SEMI - AUTO)
    • Three adjustable bursts (range 2 - 20 shots)
    • Rate of fire makes breaks between shots to reduce RoF. It gives fast trigger response even with very low rate of fire, just like in a real gun
    • Adjustable strength active braking (can be disabled)
    • Pre-cocking function for instant shot on SEMI fire
    • Delay between shots adds time in which isn't possible to shoot, it simulates the delay from gun reload or recoil (range 0,1 - 4,0 seconds)
    • Low battery indication for 2S - 4S li-pol and 3S - 4S li-fe
    • User can save multiple settings under profiles
    • Update function fixes bugs and adds new features to the device
    • Application shows actual battery voltage value. Color lines indicates battery charge status
    • There are three shot counters. Total count every shot during the device lifetime. User counter can be reset by user anytime. Power-up counter is reset by battery connection
    • Error log shows errors made during the device life
    • Leviathan - V2 monitors current, voltage and temperature to avoid any damage when something go wrong.
    • Motor vibrates and beeps as a feedback for user
    • Programmed settings are saved in the Leviathan - V2 memory immediately after their change, so settings aren't lost when is Bluetooth or battery disconnected  
  • Orga 05Lex 205mm barrel
    • Inner Diameter 6.05mm (±‐0) if use this barrel case you can get more BB power and flat setting on your Hop System. Mostly used for upgrading AEG’s, longer range and better precision result.
  • Union Fire CNC Hopup Unit 
  • Maple Leaf Macaron 75 Degree
    • The Maple Leaf hop up has been adjusted to the specified degree so it solely depends on what the player needs. The "concave" shape bucking, it will provide you the best hop up effect ever and is made specifically for all AEGs out there.
  • Maple Leaf Hop Tensioner 
    • Maple Leaf AEG Hop Tensioner for the maple leaf AEG hop up rubbers. The Maple Leaf Omega Nub Tensioner is a nice upgrade for increased range and accuracy. Similar to other 'flat hops' like the Namazu Nub, this maple leaf nub is more concaved to match the shape of the BB. This nub gives more contact area and precise points of pressure around the BB instead of just on the top.

No shipping for Airsoft Guns?

No shipping for Airsoft Guns?

Because of the Belgian Gun Law, we can't ship Airsoft Guns. You need to pick them up at our walk-in store. BUT we can ship them from our EU Webshop: www.airsoftshopeurope.com

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Custom G&P Marine ACE Ultra

Custom G&P Marine ACE Ultra

€ 649,90