PS90 (P90) is the semi-automatic carbine version of the P90 developed by FN. It was designed for civilian use. The original P90 (Project 90), developed in the late 1980s, was originally categorized as a PDW (Personal Defence Weapon). During those days, terrorists began to equip themselves with body armors and better protections; then, P90, as a gun with high-penetrating (5.7x28mm ammo) power, was created as an answer to that. Because of this P90 soon gained its popularity among the militaries, and the law enforcement parties. Unfortunately, also because of this special functionality, law enforcement parties placed strict restrictions on P90's sales. Frustrated as they seem to be, in the year 2005, FN released a semi-auto version of the P90 in North America, with a lower penetration power, and a different barrel, which was then named as - PS90. The barrel length was revised to 16 inches to comply with the United States National Firearms Act, other versions like PS90-TR, PS90-USG were also released. 

Tokyo Marui now reproduced this beautiful PS90 CARBINE model from FN, featuring:
high-cycle gearbox, capable to achieve 25 shots per second
300 rounds upgraded magazine able to handle the high shooting speed
New 16 inch barrel, large flash-hider
"barrel change system" adopted: just replace the outer barrel with the flash hider and it will immediately become a short version


  • Adjustable Hopup 
  • Weight: 1918g
  • Length: 667mm
  • Capacity: 300rds
  • Power: 280 FPS
  • Semi + Full Automatic

€ 399,90



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