Making a big debut at a Paris Airsoft show in 2010, this 70s version has been made with repeated refinement and tests to give it a highly realistic and refined finish with good performance! Licensed by Colt with official design input from the reknowned real steel firearms manufacturer, there are few other guns on the market that have benefited from such major input from a real gun manufacturer. Chief Designer Domanic Lu, Founder and CEO of Inokatsu, is known for his passion in making guns that feel like the real thing. Putting extensive focus on the shooting experience, Inokatsu's past works have featured the collectible M60 series and the super realistic M4, the latter which still stands as the undisputed king of the gas blowback rifle category in terms of recoil and realism.

Not satisfied with just an M4, Inokatsu teamed up with Colt to create the 70s 1911, which they decided to step back into the past to replicate the legendary 1911 pistol. 

Hyper-limited and serialized in the low numbers, the COLT MKIV / Series 70 Government Model Steel Version is finally here. Following the release of the WW2 version 1911 last year, the stainless version has been much anticipated and is finally close to being ready.- For passionate collectors, no other airsoft does the revered 1911 justice like this! Steel on steel reverberations; like music to the ears, and blowback kick impulses rippling down your arm, are just two of the things that make this treasure of a collectible so incredible.

Only by actually holding one do you get a sense for how real the gun feels, and how much heart has been poured into such a passionate recreation of such a legendary weapon as the 1911. Pulling the extremely stiff recoil spring back sinks the sharp edges into your flesh, reminding you that this is a hard piece of steel. To think that it was at one point ore laced into rock, and refined into molten steel, treated with other metals such as chromium to give the then-raw metal, stainless properties. Then cast into billets and milled over by weaponsmiths that force their will unto steel with machines that break and bend the metal into the parts that comprise this now complete airsoft replica. For those who may not know, the Inokatsu 1911 is manufactured in the same way as the original; the old fashioned way. The Inokatsu stainless version requires a lot of time and work to build, especially the final sanding and polishing that is all done by hand over many hours to give each piece a mirror finish.

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