A series of America assault rifles from ForceCore Industries aggressively invades a popular on the airsoft market segment of “M-type replicas for less than 1000 PLN” and can bravely compete with other manufacturers. Characteristic features of ForceCore replicas are very solid outer craftsmanship, almost 100% "full metal“ construction, efficient and stable stock performance as well as an offer of interesting and original models.

The craftsmanship quality allows it to easily and without any reservations be placed among more expensive models from brand manufacturers. Particular elements of the replica, such as both receiver parts or the handguard were fit together in an exceptionally accurate way and it is difficult to name any loose spots. In addition, the receiver bears effective, laser engraved manufacturer markings, together with a Navy Seal Team “frog”.

Parts made from durable alloy of zinc and aluminium include, among others, the entire receiver with RIS rails, handguard, outer barrel, stock slide, flash hider and all manner of manipulators. Magazine casing, shell ejection flap and bolt dummy plate were made from metal. Remaining elements such as the pistol grip and the stock - as in the live firearm original - were made from polymer.

Top of the replica has a long RIS 22mm mounting rail that enables the attachment of various additional accessories, such as optical sights. The rail has a set of flip-up, mechanical iron sights. The outer barrel features a standard 14mm left-handed thread and a flash hider mounted on it.

The replica is equipped with a characteristic handguard with skeleton construction that can be expanded upon with additional RIS rail modules (included in the set).  A special shape pistol grip has been implemented, which is slightly thicker than grips usually used in “M-type” replicas. Telescopic SF stock of adjustable length has room for a battery inside, which is included in the set.

The heart of this replica is a gearbox v.2, which features: 8mm ball bearings, set of steel gears and metal spring slide. Moreover, a tightened, metal nozzle and metal Hop-Up chamber were used. The mechanism is characteristic for its good fit of parts and very good tightness at stock.

The set includes a steel, Hi-Cap magazine with a capacity of up to ~300 BBs. 

The set includes:

- replica
- magazine
- battery
- charger for the battery
- set of flip-up iron sights
- set of RIS rails to be mounted on the handguard

€ 249,90



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