The WE TA 2015, also known as the P90, has been something of a myth for the past couple years. We've seen it in passing, pictures that remind it had existed, but we never thought it was going to come to light. Until now. Presenting, the WE TA 2015 GBB! I'm sure there is a lot of cheering going on in the background.

It's finally here, a gun you can grab and hold. You may have to pinch yourself every so often but it's great to finally have it available for all Airsofters. The lightweight, polymer and slim build in combination with the fully ambidextrous GBB will make this a contender to all PDWs and SMGs out there already on the market. 

When it comes to recoil, it's kick is on par with what you'd find on the GHK G5. You also get a similar sound kick due to it's plastic build though the TA 2015 would feel safer in your hands as holding it feels like you are cradling a baby that needs protection from oncoming BBs. 

The TA 2015 magazine is something to envy. It is able to contain a large capacity of gas allowing you to shoot 150 BBs on one charge of gas in semi auto and 100 BBs in full auto. Not many magazines out there posses this power. It may be awkward to find a suitable pouch for it but do make sure you have plenty of these just in case. 

The range of the TA 2015 is what you would find on most GBBs. It can reach out to 40 meters hitting targets with no problem but anything further than that is extremely difficult. 0.3 gram BBs would be preferred for outdoor use but this is a CQB killer, a contender that would shame previous PDWs. 


  • Adjustable Hopup
  • Weight: 2220g
  • Length: 507mm
  • Capacity: 50rds
  • Power: 350 FPS 

€ 399,90



Sorry, not available at the moment.

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