HeatGear Tactical T-Shirt (Olive)

by Under Armour

Probably the best thing you can wear under your turnout gear. The HeatGear material from Under Armour ensures that you have a permanent pleasant body feeling, because it is highly effective moisture removed from your body and you will be kept as dry and cool. A breathability examined those of his peers.
The Tactical line of Under Armour is pretext of most members of special forces and armies in the world. Nothing will performance in hot areas get better than this shirt.
Compression Fit:
The Incredible Performance Fit of Under Armour. The HeatGear® material is like a second skin and improves blood circulation, delay fatigue during use and promotes the subsequent regeneration.
Under Armour Heatgear products for use in warm and hot temperatures.
- UA Heatgear cools the skin demonstrably up to 2 ° C down
- UPF 30 provides a sunscreen of 30
- Antibacterial materials to reduce body odor
- Flähtlock seams
- Light weight: 118g / medium size
- 78% PolyArmour (polyester) 22% Elastane
Under Armour logo on the chest and ID label on the waistband area.

€ 34,90



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