ColdGear Tactical Crew Shirt (Tan)

by Under Armour

The Under Armour Tactical Shirt is probably the best thing you can wear in cold weather under your turnout gear. The material ColdGear Under Armour with its brushed inner face that traps warmth. At the same time ensures the moisture transport system ColdGear® that the sweat is quickly transported away from the skin and the shirt stays dry and comfortable.
ColdGear: - Optimal use at temperatures below 13 ° C.
The ColdGear Apparel will keep you warm, dry and still offers a lightweight feel.
Anti Odor - Odour Stop.
Compression Fit:
The Incredible Performance Fit of Under Armour. The ColdGear® material is like a second skin to the body, keeps you warm and dry, and supports the muscles.
Material: 63% Nylon 25% Polyester 12% Spandex
Under Armour logo on the chest and ID label on the waistband area.

€ 49,90



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