Tokyo Marui Scorpion Vz.61.

The famous Czech gun, that was used by Soviet Tankers and still in service in many countries, is now available in an electric-powered replica form from Tokyo Marui. It features the AEP innards, as found in the much-loved Marui MP7, and is also powered by a 7.2.v Micro EX battery. It comes with a charger too, but it is a Japanese 2 pin plug and is 110v. So, you may require an adaptor/step down converter for charging the battery. It has a 2 hour cut-off function on the charger to prevent the battery from over-charging.

The Vz61 has a folding stock, which Marui has decided to make out of metal - a wise choice, as it makes it very sturdy indeed. The lower receiver is also made from metal, which gives a nice solid feel when you hold it. It also comes with a rail mount which can be attached to underside of the barrel for mounting a laser/light.

If you're looking for an electric Vz61, then this is for sure the best choice! 


  • Adjustable Hopup
  • Weight: 1100g
  • Length: 269mm
  • Capacity: 58rds
  • Power: 250 FPS
  • Semi + Full Automatic

€ 239,90



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