The F1 is a high performance, universal HPA drop-in cylinder for virtually any AEG gearbox. The performance range of the F1 allows it to fill any role from CQB to sniper.  

The new Polarstar F1 will support rifles with offset nozzles (M14, ECHO1 RPD, P90, ect.). They are also very different internally since the F1 uses a custom solenoid designed by PolarStar and manufactured by MAC Valves. The design allows the solenoid to become an integral part of the system and not simply a switch to control gas flow. This not only makes the F1 more compact but also minimizes the dead volume inside of the system, increasing air efficiency and decreasing response time. The F1 also incorporates a dual purpose flow control system which allows for nozzle speed regulation and two stage firing through an integral check valve. The check valve system regulates nozzle speed based on the direction of movement while also controlling flow to the secondary firing point. The flow control limits the forward speed of the nozzle based on a specific orifice size, but allows the nozzle to retract without restriction. This is similar to an AEG piston o-ring, depending on the direction of nozzle movement (or nozzle position) the check valve seal is expanded out of, or compressed into a groove, sealing off ports. This unique design promotes both enhanced feeding and smoother chambering.

ROF: 30RPS+ 

The maximum cyclic rate of the F1 is affected by several factors, however, 30 rounds per second is a conservative number. Most configurations will exceed this easily. 

Air Efficiency: 1200 shots from 13/3000 @ 1.5J (80PSI w/ .28g)

This model is suitable for M4 AEG, come with FCU and specific triggerboard.


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