Magnus 6.00mm AEG Inner Barrel (260mm)

by Orga

MagnusHD Barrel for AEG - 260mm.

For AEG (Tokyo Marui / China Made etc.) Wide Bore Barrel !!! 
The Wide Bore inner barrel diameter measures 6.13mm. The Barrel is Teflon coated, further reducing friction and resistance of the BB forging greater accuracy!!! 

About ORGA Barrels
After our first lot became a hit with players in Japan, selling over 2500 units in 2012, we are happy to announce that our second batch of ORGA Magnus WideBore barrels has arrived with a new and improved design!

A standard diameter barrel will introduce some friction and path variation due to slight contact along the length of the barrel. This can have a significant impact on BB trajectory and accuracy. Longer barrels and increased hop are often used to try and reverse these effects.

€ 65,90



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