Lightweight, designed for use with narrow cord, the CamJam Cord Tightener cinches, anchors, rigs, and secures lighter loads securely, quickly, and easily. 

The CamJam is designed to thread cord from 2 mm to 5 mm in diameter for-you guessed it-smaller jobs. With a stainless steel gated carabiner on one end and a rotating, ridged cam mechanism on the other, the CamJam can be anchored to any hook, D-ring, or loop. Feed the cord through the hole and pull it downward through the cam to adjust to the desired tension. Let go and it locks into place and stays that way, until you release it by pulling the cord upward out of the cam, or by rotating the cam open. 

Easy to adjust, the CamJam Cord Tightener offers two versatile systems of use and can be used and reused hundreds of times. Clipped to rings and hooks, it's excellent for hanging and securing banners, lanterns, tarps, and tent guy lines. Or, create a loop by clipping it to one end of the cord and pulling the other end through-perfect for bundling light gear, extension cords, cut brush, or groceries to a bike basket. 

- Two attachment methods for ultimate versatility - loop system and fixed end system 
- Made of sturdy, durable nylon 
- Lightweight, strong construction 
- Fits rope sizes: 2 - 5 mm 
- Product weight: 16g 
- Product dimensions: 65,5 x 35,1 x 15,2 mm

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