Tactical T-Shirt Topcool (Foliage Green)

by Helikon

What makes an ordinary T-Shirt into a Tactical one? Several points. First: it was made out of Polyester fabric finished with Topcool technology – which means that it wicks the humidity away from the body and dries quickly. Second: it has sleeve-mounted pockets with eyeshade holders. Third: under these pockets are small Velcro panels fit for personalization. Even the HTX logo is embroidered discreetly at the bottom of the shirt, to allow the user to remove it if needed. Just choose your color and use away.


  •  Raw Material: 100% Polyester, TopCool
  •  Great breathability 
  •  Webbing hanger for glasses
  •  Bicep pockets with Velcro panels 

€ 17,90



Sorry, not available at the moment.

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