As seen on the graphics the COMPACT product line comes in 30x30cm (11.8"x11.8") sheet dimensions. The dimension ideal for those who may need to camouflage some smaller pieces of gear (but can also fit any AR receiver or even entire rifle). We used to call it the Mag Pack, as it's dimensions allows wrapping up to 5 magazines. COMPACTs are also the best choice for outdoor adventurers using it for quick fixes.

Photographers love it too as it's great piece to camouflage their cameras, shaders. Got a GoPro you want to camouflage? Couple of them? Contour? No problem, all of that can fit within GEARSKIN™ COMPACT camo sheet size. The true camo lovers will go with STANDARD of hardcore EXTRA. Just go out there and grab it!

Size: 30cm x 30cm

€ 15,90



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