G&G P90.

The P90 is an assault Sub gun very comptact perfert to CQB with the advantage of which he is totally ambidextrousbecause the selector is in the grip
The PDW99 manufactured by G&G come with red dot incorporate with two intensities it works with two AAA batteries.
Another advantages of these P90 is that come with a sytem in the butt to fit the FPS. 


  • Adjustable red dot and laser
  • Adjustable power between 350 and 390FPS
  • Blow back:no
  • Hop up :yes
  • Weight:2700g
  • Length:507mm
  • Body:metal
  • Bearings:8mm
  • Inner barrel:255mm 6.04mm
  • Magazine:With dummys ammunition and 50bbs capacity
  • Power: 410 FPS 
  • Small tamiya connection 
  • no battery / charger 

€ 409,90



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