Long barrel variant of the M4-series equipped with a red dot sight. There is a full-length RIS rail on the top of the gun, and there are also long RIS rails on the hand guard for vertical grips, lamps, lasers and other accessories.

The telescopic stock is crane type and works for the battery housing. The red dot sight is attached easily with just a single nut tighten to the upper receiver. The weapons frame is made out fiber reinforced polymer and barrel is metal. Under the flash suppressor appears standard -14mm threads for your silencer needs.

The gun is delivered with a red dot scope and G26-style magazine. The weapon is compatible with the standard M4 / M16 series magazines.


  • Adjustable Hopup
  • includes reddot sight 
  • lightweight body 
  • FPS: 370 fps
  • no battery or charger

€ 219,90



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