Elite Force Green Gas 600ml.

Strong and high quality airsoft gas for all GasBlowBack (GBB) and NonBlowBack (NBB) airsoft pistols and rifles. 
It has got the same strength as green gas, is less powerful than the Walther gas but more powerful than the ASG Ultrairgas.

You can use this gas at low temperatures and it contains silicone to grease valves and sealings. 

The profitability of the airsoft gas depends on the size of the tank, the weight of the slide, the type of airsoft and the system used in the airsoft. For example, as benchmark one bottle of gas is enough for up to 800 shots with a full metal GBB pistol. 

General notice: Airsoft gas weapons work best at room temperature. They are not suited to very low temperature around or below the freezing point. 

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