BW3 King Kong Milsim Mosfet (Deans)

by AEG Wizard

Want mosfet style trigger control with burst function and real steel experience but don't want to fuss with complicated installation first? Then this would be your ideal choice.

The Connector allows you to connect it to most AEGs as this small device is a external mosfet system which connects between the AEG and the battery.

It will also announce, through blinking, your rate of fire and the setting you set it to. It does sound a little bit complicated, but don't worry, it comes with an instruction manual helping you through every stage.

With simple no fuss plug-and-play mode, the BURST WIZARD 3 ? 100% MILSIM MOSFET is great for people just starting out and experimenting with trigger control technology!


  • Plug-And-Play or Hardwire
  • Work with any micro switch AEG even if it bounces in firing.
  • Enhance Trigger Response - 1 to 9 Round Burst
  • Programmable Resume Fullauto Delay
  • No Trigger Response Loss ROF Reduction MILSIM
  • Real Steel ROF 3-RND Burst & Fullauto MILSIM
  • Magazine Capacity & Change Time MILSIM
  • Sniper Delay mode MILSIM
  • Precocking For Quick Triggering Response
  • Motor Friendly Natural Active Braking
  • Adaptive Resettable Fuse Protect Your AEG
  • LiPo & LiFe Battery Low Voltage Protection
  • Any Battery Type From 7.2V to 16.5V

€ 54,90



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